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Property and Facilities Management is the control, management & administration of the common property that is used or enjoyed by more than 2 or more lots in that strata title plan.

Management and Maintenance Services

To advise the Management Corporation (MC) on matters relating to BMSMA 2004, the Building Management and Strata Maintenance Act 2004.

Assist the Management Corporation (MC) to enforce the rules and regulations of the MC, Management Corporation.

Make recommendations to the Management Corporation where improvements to the common areas of the Management Corporation can be achieved.

Make routine visits of the estate once in 10 days or on a weekly basis and keep a record of the visit.

In the event of any emergencies, make visits to the estate.

Provide support and assistance to any sub-committee/s that are formed or any Extra-Ordinary General Meetings.

Advice the Management Corporation to consult professionals like a valuation company where insurance coverage for fire and damage is required wherein the replacement value of the common structures are affected as most subsidiary proprietors are of the opinion that fire insurance policy covers the replacement in terms of market value of their property and this is often a misnomer. Subsidiary proprietors are to be advised that they are to take their own insurance cover for replacement of market value of their property.

Carry out regular inspection of the Estate which excludes the interior of the Strata title units but parts of the Estate which are common property and to ensure that the Estate is in a satisfactory and serviceable condition and properly maintained according to the standards required by the relevant authorities and to recommend any works to the Management Corporation Council which are deemed necessary;

To prepare, call for, evaluate and administer various tenders/ quotations for routine maintenance works, services and supplies and to advise on the selection of suitable contractors/ specialists and to award such tenders on behalf of the Management Corporation subject to the approval of the Council of the Management Corporation;

To ensure that all repairs and routine maintenance works undertaken by the contractors are carried out properly and completed satisfactorily in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract;

To certify the completion of jobs undertaken by contractors and to make recommendation for payment other than those undertaken by specialist contractors such as lifts, mechanical and electrical works, sanitary and plumbing works in which case, certification shall be based on service chit reports submitted;

To follow up with notices issued by the relevant authorities and coordinate all inspections and tests that are required by the relevant authorities;

To coordinate all consultancy works performed by professional consultants other than works related to upgrading, repainting or renovation works that are deemed extraneous wherein a specialist like a clerk of works is required etc;

To act on behalf of the Management Corporation, in enforcing the current warranties (when necessary) in respect of the building components, if any, given by the contractors to the Management Corporation;

To apply and obtain all necessary licenses and certificates from the relevant authorities;

To ensure that the service contractors carry out their duties and responsibilities properly;

To obtain the approval of the MC Management Corporation or Council for individual repairs or replacements to the common property where the expenses exceed the approved limits except for emergency repairs or if the repairs/ replacements are necessary to prevent life threatening situations or to prevent the development from damage or to maintain essential services. The Managing Agent shall seek approval for any such expenditure from the Management Corporation or Council at the earliest possible moment;

To perform and comply with any applicable laws, regulations and directions affecting the Management Corporation for the property management and maintenance of buildings and common property in Singapore.

Advise the Management Corporation to retain and keep all drawings of the MC Management Corporation in their estate as subsidiary proprietors and residents often would like to view such plans and drawings for the purpose of renovation works and when told that such plans are not available undue distress is created when told that they have to pay the prescribed sum to to obtain such plans/ drawings. For all renovation works a refundable deposit is to be collected for the purpose of damage to common property and for the disposal of debris that the contractors fail to dispose off.

Where the collective sale of a property is concerned it is the responsibility of the en bloc sales committee to coordinate and convene all such meetings.

Mechanical and Electrical Services

Assist in the formulation of a preventative maintenance schedule for lifts, electrical installations, use of energy saving mechanisms, energy saving bulbs, solar energy savings installations, swimming pool, pump-sets, generator sets, water supply system, fire protection system, telecommunication systems, CCTV, intercom systems security/ autogate barrier system/ OpenNet or Broadband Installations etc

Assist in obtaining the relevant expertise consultants and contractors for
Lift Installations
Air-conditioning Systems
Electrical Engineers and Licenced Electrical Workers (LEW)
Emergency Generator Systems
Plumbing and Sanitary Systems
Spare Parts Replacements and Approved Authorised Parallel Imported Parts


Assist in the preparation of a preventative maintenance schedule of all mechanical, electrical and all installations so that proper maintenance in times of need is maximised.

Conduct regular inspections and inspection of all the service providers of the estate. Where it is due to time constraints wherein the physical presence is limited, then the reliance and follow up on service chits will be relied on.

Supervise all service contracts are properly carried out in terms of what their contracts state.

Where there are security guards or personnel are employed on site, supervision shall be conducted to ensure that they carry out their rounds effectively and in a professional manner.

Take the necessary steps to ensure that noise and nuisance are minimised in the estate.

Where necessary, through the use of circulars, by verbal advise or in written form, residents are informed in the need to be more vigilant and attentive to areas where a sense or lack of security of the estate is compromised and such steps are taken or to be alerted upon for the sake of increased awareness for the residents.

Supervise the contractors or of other agents other than that of the Management Corporation wherein the work being carried out by such contractors or of other agents do not comprise the standing, reputation or safety of the residents of the estate.

Assist Engineers who carry out periodical visual inspections of the structure of the estate and advise them where the structural integrity is being comprised and to recommend that such defects deficits are indicated in their final survey report.

Professional Consultant Services

Assist the Management Corporation and advise where necessary the engagement of professional consultants or such professional services like advocates, solicitors, barristers and lawyers, engineers, surveyors, valuers, architects, auditors, accountants and Tax Consultants as deemed desirable for the Management Corporation.

The engagement of electrical engineers for the rewiring of older estates and for the installation or renewal or re-laying of lightning conductors.

The use of consultants to redecorate the external facade or lighting of the estate.

Where deemed necessary, where extensive roof leaks are causing a major problem to the estate, engage roofing specialists for such projects.

Coordinate all professional consultancy works carried in the estate between the consultant, the contractors, the agent and the Management Corporation.

Where necessary and applicable, assist in additions and alterations of the estates upgrading works.

Such engagement and services provided by the professional consultants shall be borne by the Management Corporation.

Accounting and Financial Services

To charge, receive, manage, and recover payment for

the maintenance charges and all other charges payable to the Management Corporation from the subsidiary proprietors and
moneys payable to the Management Corporation from other persons and
maintain a proper record of all payments received

Where authorized by the Management Corporation or Council, to appoint solicitors by the Management Corporation to commence or institute legal proceedings for the recovery of the payment due;

To ensure that all charges, expenses, disbursements and such other outgoing whatsoever for the recovery of Owings to the Management Corporation is collected;

To keep proper records and account for all monies collected, income and expenditure in relation to the management and maintenance of the property;

To ensure that monthly Statement of Accounts are submitted to the Management Corporation Council for their monthly review or at Council Meetings when convened;

To maintain and manage the funds of the Management Corporation. Any investment of the funds shall be subject to Management Corporation's approval and subject to the relevant legislation in place;

To liaise with the appointed auditors for the audits of accounts as required by law or as directed by the Management Corporation or Council;

To provide a letter of representation to the Management Corporation that to the best of their knowledge and belief

the accounts are true and fair view of the fund and that all financial records and related information have been made available to the Auditors of the Management Corporation;

not aware of any irregularities, including fraud or dishonesty, involving management or employee which have a material effect on the fund; and

all income has been included in the profit and loss account including all expenditure which has been incurred in connection with carrying on the Management Corporation's business

To assist the Management Corporation to prepare and submit tax returns if any, and liaise with the relevant authorities on tax matters.

Advise and assist to prepare a yearly budget for the estate.

The prescribed fee of $25.00 for the provision of Section 47(1)(c) certificate for the sale of a lot/ unit to inform the new owners that the seller is owing/ not owing money to the Management Corporation ensure that the money shall accrue to the Managing Agent.

That the managing agent obtains a professional indemnity insurance coverage for the services they are providing.

Advise that it is best not to have a float petty cash or a minimum small sum as it is often leads to abuse. All payments are to be made by the Management Corporation by cheque so as to achieve maximum accountability.

Any reminders, letters of demands or efforts to recover unpaid management and sinking funds by subsidiary proprietors shall be assigned to a legal firm to institute the recovery by the Management Corporation and institute legal proceedings against any person as the Managing Agent do not have the power or authority to create or contract in the name of the Management Corporation. The cost of all legal fees and professional fees are to be borne by the Management Corporation.

Administrative Services

To attend to all correspondences relating to the property on behalf of the Management Corporation;

To deal with complaints, queries and suggestions received about the common areas and keep records of all such complaints, queries and suggestions. Where necessary, the Managing Agent shall bring such complaints, queries and suggestions to the attention of the Management Corporation or Council;

To arrange to take up insurance policies against fire, public liability, workmen's compensation and all risks and other insurance as directed by the Management Corporation;

To manage and maintain proper records and files of correspondence, documents and materials pertaining to Management Corporation matters;

To update the Strata Roll of the Management Corporation and maintain the roll every six months;

To inform the Management Corporation accordingly on any receipt of notices from the authorities;

To control the use of the common property and recreational and car park facilities;

To give notices to any person in the property to comply with or remedy a breach of any of the Management Corporation by-laws as approved by the Management Corporation;

To coordinate applications to the relevant authorities and other competent authorities for any licenses, permissions and consents required by the relevant legislation in the management of the property on behalf of the Management Corporation;

To prepare and thereafter convene and conduct Annual General Meetings (AGM) or Extra-Ordinary General Meetings (EGMs). To record and circulate minutes of these meetings to the authorities and subsidiary proprietors;

To convene and attend all meetings with the Management Corporation and/ or the Council and record, produce and circulate minutes of meetings and other documents relevant for the meetings;

To prepare and upkeep minutes and resolutions for circulation to the Management Corporation and/ or the Council and the authorities as and when required; Prepare and circulate newsletters as and when required; Maintain a friendly and cordial decorum at all meetings with the Management Corporation; Where subsidiary proprietors are invited or attends meetings of the Management Corporation, they shall not address the meeting without the expressed approval of the Chairman.