Our Mission Statement

To enhance your property value through
Our Commitment

We have been committed to manage Management Corporations in Singapore for 21 years. We are committed to hard and reliable work in an honest and productive way to achieve the best results what our clients seek.

Through our commitment of managing older estates and new ones coming on stream all the time, our clients have benefited well when estates redevelop. The shortage of land becomes more evident now. As older estates are replaced with newer ones, our clients have benefited in one way or the other.

Value enhancement of your property is a long term commitment and the management of your estate is one way the value is retained. We are professional in our ways and provide service with integrity and strive for excellence.

PHILIP MOTHA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT PTE LTD is a totally home based Singapore company positioning itself competitively in this locally dynamic market to provide a reliable service to our clients who will benefit from a locally based company. Part of our expansion strategy is to enhance professionalism in property management and to get more staff trained in the field of property management.

In addition, we aim to provide encouragement to attract younger trainees to join this industry who can learn to service clients better. With more people growing older these days and with fewer younger people replacing older staff who leaves the industry, new strategies have to be developed to attract the younger citizens to enter the property management field.

With our population at 5.18 million of which 3.26 million are citizens, we are very concerned of our old age citizens and our low birth rate. Training a younger and more vibrant group of professionals to continue what we have already attained is a very challenging task ahead of us. We believe this aim is achievable.

Call us when

( 1 ) Your Council who is presently managing the estate feels overloaded or

( 2 ) There are going to be changes in the management contract of your estate or

( 3 ) Your estate which is currently managed by an in-house manager intends to leave.